What is a Quadcopter?


So “what’s a quadcopter?” you’re asking? Well, have you ever seen one of those crazy contraptions in the sky that look like helicopters but not quite? Yeah, that’s a quadcopter. Really, they’re not complicated at all; a quadcopter is exactly what it says it is – a helicopter with four rotors instead of one.

Quadcopter Uses

You might be surprised to find out that quadcopters have a lot more uses than just a hobby some people dabble in. The most useful thing about a quad in my opinion is it’s ability to take aerial photography. You can purchase a GoPro camera and attach it to your copter to snap high quality pictures and videos. This ability can come quite in handy for occasions such as weddings, parties or a simple beach day. You could even use a quadcopter to inspect your roof, if needed.

Military and Law Enforcement use quadcopters for a few different reasons than the every day quad enthusiast such as yourself. Instead of taking pictures for whatever reason, the Military uses quads for surveillance as well as for rescue missions. Who knew quads could be so important?



How to Purchase the Right Quadcopter for You

To start, there’s so many different kinds of quadcopters. Are you looking for something water proof? That has a camera? Or are you looking for a drone that’s going to give you the maximum flying time possible? These are all questions you should consider before purchasing a copter. You should also keep in mind how much your willing to spend on a quad. They can be anywhere from 20 bucks to over 1,000 dollars. Of course, though, the 1,000 dollar drone is definitely meant for a more experienced quadcopter enthusiast that’s less likely to crash, and therefore throw 1,000 dollars out the window.

If you are an experienced quad enthusiast then a more expensive copter such as the DJI Phantom or the newest version of it the Phantom 2, the 1,000 dollar drone that was mentioned before, would be something for you to consider. On the other hand, if you’re new at flying quads I wouldn’t spend anything over $50 until you get the hang of it. A good idea for a beginner is the Syma X1, it comes in 3 completely different styles to choose from for only $29.00.

If you’re wanting to learn even more information about how to purchase the right quad for you take a look at some of our other articles and see what you think would fit you best, and decide if it’s worth the cost compared to the quality. You don’t ever want to feel like you wasted your money, or didn’t get the right drone for you.


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