How to Fly a Drone – Part 2

how-to-fly-a-droneHow to Takeoff with Your Quadcopter

When learning how to fly a drone, one of the first things you need to master is the takeoff. After all, you can’t much with your drone stuck on the ground!

Here are a few simple steps that you can follow to perform when learning how to fly a drone and taking off:

  1. Locate the Throttle: For this exercise, you’ll only be using the throttle (or left joystick). Remember that the throttle is what gives power to the propellers thus, allowing the drone to takeoff. For the time being, ignore all other joysticks, buttons, and switches on your transmitter.
  2. Set Your Drone Down on a Flat Surface: Place your quadcopter on an even surface approximately five feet in front of you. Make sure you have plenty of space available (you don’t want to accidentally hit anything). Also, if you’re flying outside, weather conditions should be suitable for flight.
  3. Bind Your Transmitter to Your Drone: Nearly all RC drones require that you “bind” your transmitter to the quadcopter prior to takeoff. This is usually done by powering on your transmitter and drone, followed by moving the left joystick up then down. At this point, you’re ready to fly.
  4. Slowly Push The Throttle Stick Up: Start at the 10% throttle and slowly work your way up. The goal, at least in the beginning, should be to get your drone a few inches off the ground, and then go back down. Repeat this several times until you’ve become comfortable with the throttle sensitivity for your drone.

Note: If, as you begin to takeoff, your drone starts to drift, DON’T use the right joystick to adjust it. Just stop, reposition the drone where you originally started, and repeat the exercise. The point of this exercise is to get you familiar with the drone’s throttle, and ONLY the drone’s throttle. Don’t worry- in later sections, you’ll have plenty of time to blend it all together.

In the next section, you’re going to learn how to hover with your drone.


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